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Key Trends in The Future of Mobile App Development



Future of Mobile App Development - Mobile device with apps

The future of mobile app development has infinite growth opportunities and development that await us to explore as time and technology progress. 

Technology has reached a peak in its development and growth at this current moment, but every day creates a new standard and new goalpost when it comes to technological growth. 

The mobile application development industry is agile and ever-changing, almost like an everlasting evolution. Therefore, it is so important for mobile app developers to stay up to date on the newest trends and developments in the mobile app development industry.

The great thing about technology is the fact that once there are new developments in the industry, other developments tend to also improve based on ideas and inspiration from new developments that are made and discovered.

In this article, we will have a look at the current and future trends of mobile app development and the important factors that go with this ever-changing mobile app industry. 

What is the Future of Mobile App Development?

It is nearly impossible to determine and try to establish what the future will hold for mobile app development. 

It is, however, certainly possible to look at current trends and the rate at which technology grows to try and envision how the trends will progress and what might be added in the future to enhance the current state of the mobile app development industry.

From the current trends, it is obvious that certain emerging technologies will be much more popular in the future and will be included as crucial features in mobile applications. These include voice recognition, augmented reality, and multiple other popular features.

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9 Trends to Look Forward to In the Future of Mobile App Development

Future of Mobile App Development - White and black robot hands

Integration of IoT and Cloud

Internet of Things technology has seen rapid growth in the past few years and will continue to grow in popularity as time progresses. 

Cloud computing supports IoT to perform its vast majority of functions through applications that use the internet to complete certain actions.

IoT and Cloud Integration Technology are used by IoT applications through mobile phones, such as smart homes and video surveillance to provide services in real life over the internet, these are all, also interlinked with SaaS and other similar technologies.

This trend will remain at the top of app developers’ lists for the foreseeable future.

AI in Future Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence has already seen enormous growth in usage and implementation by app developers to date. This mobile app development trend will also continue to rise as more AI apps are developed.

AI is prominent in modern-day applications and is developed with predictive analytics and machine learning to further motivate and enable personalized app experiences for users.

As AI progresses and evolves so will future AI usage in app development increase. These features will include anything from facial recognition to speech to text and will continue to add more features as the technology enhances.

How AR and VR will Feature in the Future Mobile App Industry

These features create the ultimate user experience by bringing reality as close as possible to the user with the use of modern technology through AR and VR apps.

Augmented and Virtual Reality has seen a major increase in popularity by both app developers and application users. These trends especially increased during the COVID pandemic that we faced in 2020 because of the restrictions in mobility. 

These applications assist users to go to places and journey through experiences without leaving their homes. In the future, we can expect much more growth and advanced technology when it comes to AR and VR.

Cross-Platform Development for Future Apps

Cross-platform development is extremely popular and will continue to remain the first option of development methods for developers across the globe.

This is because of the versatile usage and implementation that cross-platform apps provide for. 

App developers can use various types of cross-platform development frameworks during the app development process to ensure users are able to access applications on various types of operating platforms through a vast majority of mobile phones such as Apple and Android devices.

5G Technology When it Comes to Future Mobile Applications

The environment of app development is expected to change because of 5G wireless technology. In addition to offering extremely high speed, 5G will be able to contribute to the enhancement of livelihoods in the future.

5G Tech not only increased and enhanced the rate at which networks operate at, but there are also various types of applications that benefit and will continue to benefit from 5G technology in the future.

Blockchain Technology and Future Apps

Blockchain technology has seen a major rise in usage over the past years and the most prominent and obvious reason is because of Crypto Currency applications that are extremely popular in this modern day and age, there are other uses for blockchain tech besides cryptocurrencies such as mobile wallets and digital payments.

Blockchain technology and applications can either be public or private, available to only a certain group of people such as a company and its employees.

This is just the start of endless possibilities that Blockchain technologies can provide users across the globe with. 

Wearable Tech When It Comes to Future Mobile Applications

Everyone is dressed out with the newest wearables whether they are at the gym or on the subway, as wearables have taken the globe by storm. 

After that, advancements in this wearable technology industry were made possible by the Apple Watch and AirPods. Today, each brand has its own line of smart earphones and watches such as Android. These tech items provide users with numerous capabilities such as location tracking, exercise monitoring and much more.

Live Streaming Features in Future Apps

Live streaming is extremely popular in this modern century that we live in and will continue to grow as time progresses and technology improves.

Live streaming apps provide users with the opportunity to share their current experiences with anyone through video capabilities and streaming capabilities on the live stream app via smartphones. This is especially handy for businesses to create a sense of surprise and instant information sharing.

Beacon Tech in Future Apps

Beacon technology uses the Bluetooth capability found in mobile devices to determine the range between the user and the desired location such as a shop or hospital. Beacon applications will continue to grow and benefit the retail market.

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Increased Importance of Security in the Future of Mobile App Development

Future of Mobile App Development - Digital padlock art

As mobile application usage surges and increased features are developed, security measures should also be improved at the same time.

Like with a lot of other things in life, with new technology there is always some sort of new challenge that presents itself, especially when it comes to security. 

The main reason for these mobile app security issues is that it is usually brand-new features and all the risks and weak points have not always been discovered and reinforced yet. 

Cybercrime is always on the rise and scammers and thieves are always looking for new features and capabilities to find vulnerable spots and take advantage of them.

Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that mobile applications have features like passcodes, biometric access, data protection, secure digital identity, backup through data security, and various other security measures to keep users and their data safe from unauthorized access and data loss.

Why Use a Professional Mobile App Development Company to Help Develop Future Apps and Who?


The future of mobile app development is in the hands of app developers. These apps consist of integration features and specific development processes to ensure compatibility with all devices. If you are not a professional app developer, it can be difficult to understand the agile environment and popular trends that should be included in modern applications. 

This is where professional app developers come in to take this process from your hands. App development companies have the necessary experience and capabilities to develop efficient and successful apps with crucial features to ensure that these apps are in line with the newest technological trends around the globe. 

If you choose to make use of a professional app developer, you and your entire organization can save valuable time which means your business operations can come first and focus is placed where it should be.

The quality and development processes of future apps are reliant on the knowledge and skills of the app developer chosen to complete the project and, therefore, it is crucial that you choose to make use of a professional company with the required skills to match your requirements to develop and launch your sought-after application successfully.


HotShots Labs is a boutique mobile app development agency with a profound concentration on business and client requirements. Our team of expert app developers at HotShots Labs can assist you through our high-quality development process.

We ensure that our apps provide the required user satisfaction through our development process and frameworks, which in return provides the necessary exposure to your company.

We always keep the newest technological trends in mind when developing our customer’s desired applications to ensure your app includes the crucial modern features it requires to operate in this modern technology-reliant century that we live in.

Our team of app developers at HotShots Labs has extensive knowledge in mobile app development and the future thereof, and we strive to make your vision our own when developing your desired mobile app.

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