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Future of Mobile App Development in 2023



Future of Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development in 2023

The demand for mobile app development is increasing day by day because of the rapid increase in the usage of mobile platforms for everyday tasks. This shift from websites or web apps to mobile apps has not only opened up new doors for mobile application development industries but also paved the way for businesses to reach out to a larger set of audiences. 

Mobile app development has been changing ever since its arrival, and it is evident that it will keep on changing in a better way to provide more value to the users. Starting from simple apps with not-so-pretty user interfaces back in the day, mobile apps have become really productive with sleek design patterns, and it is expected to grow even more. 

Just like the current trends of using 4G LTE, integrating cross-platform technology, using third-party interface toolkits, and more, there are quite a few future trends expected to gain momentum with the further increase in mobile app development. Mobile application development is not only expected to improve the current trends in the way of utilization and development of apps but also provide a way for new developers to follow. 

In this article, we are listing down some of the most anticipated trends to be developed with the enhancement of mobile app development technologies. Also, details regarding the expected future of mobile app development have been covered. 

Future of Mobile App Development

With the increase in the use of cross-platform frameworks, cloud-based technologies, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and blockchain trends, mobile app development is expected to change drastically in the future. We are seeing some of the latest trends being followed in our current apps so the mobile app development agencies are keeping their technology stack up to date in order to remain relevant and competitive in the market. In order to remain relevant and maintain the same business value, mobile app development needs to follow the increasing changes in mobile app development technology.  

Why will Mobile App Development increase in the Future?

Mobile app development will increase with time not only because of the number of people shifting towards mobile to look up anything but also because of the robustness and improvement in technology. Following are some of the key reasons why mobile app development will increase in the future. 

App Usefulness

Mobile apps have started to provide similar value to a web version of the platform because of the enhancement in the key features. Previously, mobile apps were just a simple version of the detailed web app but this is not the case now. Because of the increase in feature sets and improvements in native and cross-platform technologies, mobile app development is expected to provide the same level of usefulness and productivity as a web app

App Convenience

Mobile apps are way more convenient to use as compared to a website or web apps. Generally, this is not only because of the handy and ease of access of mobile apps as compared to websites on a laptop or desktop computer but also because of the fast access to information. The future technology integration will further ease the use of mobile apps because of faster frameworks and cross-platform ability. 

App Engagement

Future mobile application development tends to increase user engagement to a great level. Currently, we are seeing the apps providing relevant information according to the user’s taste by gathering key details. This type of data analytics in mobile app development will increase user engagement and interest, ultimately increasing the usage time of the platform. 

Future Trends in Mobile App Development

The number of users owning mobile phones has increased to a vast extent as compared to the previous few years. As this number is on the rise, the increase in the new trends of mobile app development for the betterment of user experience is also expected. To help the user to remain engaged, productive, and consistent on the app platform, mobile app developers, agencies, and companies need to predict the future outcomes of mobile apps and keep up to date with the technologies and trends. Following are some of the expected future trends in mobile app development.

Mobile Apps with operational 5G

Although 5G wireless cellular technology has been launched for quite a while now, it is not commercially integrated with most mobile app development platforms like 4G or LTE. It has already been tested that 5G is more than 100 times faster than many internet service providers currently functional thus, the main focus of this internet mechanism is an increase in speed. This kind of unusual internet speed will provide a great app usage experience because of the instant usage of functionality, reduced latency, delays in loading speeds, etc. 

Mobile app development working on 5G networks can drastically improve performance-related issues. Some other use cases where 5G can definitely provide great value include live broadcasting and streaming services in apps, calling or live monitoring, healthcare, security, etc.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence has already been of great use to find out the interests and behavior of users, monitoring their fitness, and providing suggestions related to particular things. This can just be considered the tip of the iceberg because the methods of machine learning and the intelligence of computers are becoming way more advanced. 

With Artificial Intelligence, mobile app development is expected to improve in terms of facial, voice, and biometric recognition. Also, several key improvements in security realms for authentication and authorization are expected to be made with AI because of the significant increase in crypto wallets, banking, and payment apps

Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality augments animations and structures into real-world platforms. Not only has it been amazingly popular with games and the designing of models in terms of the real world, but it is becoming increasingly popular to build 3D virtual platforms of houses, cities, models, etc. In addition to AR, virtual reality has also been in great demand. Companies like Meta and Google have already been planning to produce great user experiences with rapid application development using the mentioned technologies. 

Blockchain Development

Blockchain is expected to go beyond non-fungible tokens in the future of mobile app development because of the new methods in the payment trends. Blockchain-based wallets provide a greater security mechanism because of the person-to-person (P2P) working and smart contracts. The newer apps will integrate blockchain technology to secure payment methods and restricted features. Also, to maintain a digital footprint in all the sensitive areas, blockchain is here to grow. 

E-Commerce Apps

Online platforms are being used a lot more now for grocery shopping, goods transfer, and shopping for different equipment. We have seen an increase in online shopping over the years and it is expected to increase even more. The utilization of payment apps for cashless transactions has increased the technology used in mobile apps and commerce-based platforms. 

Integration of Cloud-based platforms

Cloud-based platforms such as Amazon Amplify, Google Cloud, Firebase, Microsoft Azure, etc. are providing platforms to integrate with both web and mobile app development. Not only is it a more secure and powerful way of development, but it is also the future of development because of the latest frameworks and rapid application development. These cloud-based platforms are also being utilized to host and access the apps at a faster pace from anywhere thus, they are in great demand for the future. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things refers to the control of different equipment for lifestyle and productivity with a single touch of the app. Mobile apps are used in the Internet of things to provide ease of use in different areas of life. The most popular example of this refers to Alexa controlling house equipment and many other things. 

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Increase in Cross-platform App Development

Cross-platform mobile app development is here to stay because it provides businesses a way to reach out to a larger set of audiences and get out of the native app development techniques. Cross-platform development is also cost-effective and supports a speedy process. 

Modern cross-platform app development frameworks such as React Native and Flutter provide a way for apps to be developed at a much faster pace with the latest development techniques. Google and Facebook are implementing further improvements and upgrades in these platforms to help developers, agencies, and organizations for seamless app development.

There are plenty of other trends that can be forecasted to predict the future of mobile application development. Given the kind of programming languages and frameworks currently offered in app development, there can be plenty of expectations in terms of improvements and upgrades. 

Apart from the new app currently being developed, plenty of new apps are being migrated from older technologies to newer ones. This can act as a great source of motivation for developers to learn new trends, get in touch with the latest technologies, unlearn outdated content, and plan on keeping the mobile application development running.

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