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Is There a Timeline for Mobile App Development?



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Creating a timeline for mobile app development can be a difficult task to take on if you do not have a definitive app development plan. This is exactly why the first step in creating a timeline should be to establish the goals of the project are and the purpose of the mobile app.

Timeline establishment is possible by taking multiple factors into account that can have a major effect on the time establishment. These factors include anything from processes involved in app development to the importance of using developers to support a successful mobile app development process.

In this article, we will have a look at the benefits involved when using a timeline for the app creation process and the components involved in creating a mobile app development timeline and why it is important to follow a timeline for the best app development experience and outcome.

The Importance of Knowing the Timeline for Mobile App Development 


Establishing a timeline for mobile app development assists to make the development process as cost-efficient as possible. This is because the timeline will assist developers to keep to certain due dates and avoid spending more than is planned for.

If a timeline is not followed, developers can easily overspend on certain aspects of the development process because there is no guideline to follow and to compare with the actual status of the mobile app development process.

Managing Expectations

Establishing an accurate timeline that developers can follow in the development process can contribute to extremely satisfied customers and app users. This is because dates can be revealed to users so they can see when the app will be launched for public use. 

A customer’s expectations also get managed through timelines because they are not directly involved in the actual development process, so timelines reveal the development process to a client, even if they are not a developer themselves.

Project Management

Project management is simplified by establishing timelines because it provides clear standards that developers should follow, and it also allows team leaders to ensure that the project is on track. 

Timelines provide a form of measurement in mobile app development for clients, developers, and managers to compare to the initial plan set. This provides all the parties involved with an insight into the project status.

Quality Assurance

Establishing mobile app development frameworks also provides for simplified QA testing where a developer can go back to the planned timeline and measure the strategized plan against the actual performance of the mobile application.

How long does it take to develop a Mobile App?

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The timeline for developing a successful mobile application depends on some key factors and is mostly linked to the app development stages that a developer will go through during the project:

What are the 7 steps to creating a mobile app?


The planning stage is the most important step in the mobile app development process and will also contain the planned timeline for app creation; this is where the mobile app idea is presented. 

The planning stage can take extra time if you have not developed an app before, this is because experienced developers have worked with apps numerous times and know exactly what to expect. Planning of the mobile application development can take about 2 to 3 weeks to finalize.

Business Analysis and Pre-Development 

In the Business analysis and pre-development stage there is a much more hands-on approach. This specifically refers to market research and physical analytic work that needs to be completed in this stage.

This will guide the route on which the mobile app will be based and what the app requirements will be. This stage will also point out exactly what the next crucial steps are to proceed with the app development process.

This stage can take about 2 to 3 weeks for the analysis part and about 5 to 7 weeks for the pre-development stage.

UI and UX Design Stage 

In the User Interface (UI) and User experience (UX) design stage, it can take about 3 to 4 weeks to complete. This will depend on the type of app or app category that the developer wants to create.

A simple mobile app can take less time to design, and a more intricate app can take longer. This will also depend on the type of software used to proceed with the UI development. 

Development Stage

The development stage can be put into different phases. The Backend development stage, and the front-end development stage. 

The backend stage refers to the actual coding of their mobile application. This timeline will depend on which type of app is being created such as a hybrid app or a native app.

Hybrid apps will take much less time to develop and can be built with development frameworks such as Flutter and React Native. These frameworks allow for different app features and functionalities such as data integration to be developed into the mobile app.

Flutter also provides the app with the capability to perform as a cross-platform application on various types of mobile devices and operating systems.

This stage can take about 6 to 8 weeks to complete because of all the practical effort that is required in this stage of the app development process.

The front-end development stage on the other hand consists mostly of processes that support the UI and UX processes. This includes temporary data storage that gets developed to support the back-end development and can take about 6 to 8 weeks from start to the beginning.

Is it possible for one person to create an app?

Yes, one person can develop an application, however, this will impact the development timelines greatly because the resources are reduced.

It is strongly recommended that a professional app development company is used to assist with the development process of your mobile application.

With the right knowledge and experience, the development company and its developers will ensure that timelines are reduced drastically compared to one person completing the entire app development process by themselves.

Testing Stage 

Mobile app testing is significant and contributes to the success or failure of the app launch discussed in the next step. 

It is crucial to run the app on all the types of platforms and devices that the app is intended to be made available on because the developer needs to see all sides of the development outcomes.

This stage will point out any errors or bugs that might be present in the app development code and it creates the ideal opportunity to amend and change any coding or features where necessary. This testing stage can take about 2 weeks to complete. There are simplified ways to test mobile apps such as QA testing, read more on how this can be used to benefit your app development process.

Finalization and Launch 

The finalization and launch of a mobile application can be the most satisfactory step in the entire app development process.

This is because the developer, client, and users finally get to see the app performance and functionalities that they were promised before the app was developed. 

In this step, it is easy to see what the performance and success of the application are. This will provide all parties involved in the development process with the opportunity to measure the success of the application based on the use and popularity of users.

This process can take about 1 week to complete.

Do app owners make money?

The simple answer is yes, app owners make money if the app is developed and launched successfully. 

It is also crucial to ensure that the entire app development process is followed as strictly as possible because this can assist in ensuring that the app is successful. If an application is successful, the chances are extremely high that you will be able to make your desired amount of money.

Money in apps can be made from ads within an app, monetizing app downloads, and other forms of features to ensure income can be gathered through the apps. 

Professional app developers can assist to ensure that you are able to successfully monetize your desired mobile application.

Post-launch Support and Maintenance Stage 

In this phase of the app development steps, it is crucial that support is still available even after the app is launched.

If the right development company is used this will be high up in their priorities once they assist to launch your app. There are development companies that might not place this as high on the priority list as it should be, and therefore the right company should be chosen to meet your app development requirements. 

This stage can take about 2 weeks, however, if the support and maintenance is ongoing, which is the case most of the time, there is no specific time that can be linked to this stage. 

These steps all play a major part in the timeline for mobile app development.

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Why Use a Professional Mobile App Development Company Help to Develop Your App and Who?


It is crucial to follow a timeline when developing a mobile application. Apps can contain a lot of layers of integration and development to ensure compatibility with all devices and the use of important features, which is also explained in the stages of app development.

This means that it can be a difficult task for an individual to take on if there is no prior experience in mobile app development experience. This is where professional app developers come in to take this process from your hands. App developers ensure that a firm timeline is created and that the development process is in line with the timeline established.

Mobile app development companies have the necessary experience to develop efficient and successful mobile apps because they work with various projects with similar requirements. 

The quality and development process is reliant on the knowledge and skills of the app developer chosen to complete the project. 

Considering a professional app development company to help develop your mobile app will, therefore, help to ensure that your app is developed and launched successfully by establishing and following the timeline set at the beginning of the app development process.


HotShots Labs is a boutique mobile app development agency with a profound concentration on business and client requirements. Our team of expert mobile app developers at HotShots Labs can assist you through our high-quality development process.

We follow the app development process meticulously to ensure we keep to our application development plans and timelines. This plays a major role in our quality assurance processes and capabilities. We can ensure high-quality mobile apps because of the diligent app development processes that we follow.

We ensure that our apps provide the required user satisfaction through our development process and frameworks, which in return provides the necessary exposure to your company and contributes to income that can be made through the mobile app.

We make use of Flutter as a framework to build successful and high-quality mobile apps which also allows us to perform app testing to ensure successful applications are launched.

Our team of app developers at HotShots Labs has extensive knowledge in mobile app development, and we strive to make your vision our own when developing your desired mobile app. 

If you choose to make use of our app development services, you don’t have to be concerned about any aspect of the app development process as we provide transparent and customized services to our clients, and by following and providing you with the mobile app development timeline, we can ensure that we have open communication and that all expectations are managed and satisfied


Whilst this article contains numerous timelines for certain stages of the app development process, it is never set in stone. The reason for this is that app development is performed in such an agile environment and wherever technology is involved, constant change is also involved. This means that even if there is a set timeline that developers plan to follow, the ultimate timeframe will depend on the actual experiences and real-life changes that take place. 

This is where a professional app development company also provides another benefit, in that they have experience in numerous other app development projects, which means that they have the closest idea to a mobile app development timeline compared to an individual starting a development project from scratch. App development companies have a lot of parties involved in the development process, which means that if each party follows their proposed timelines, the entire project should be as close to the set timeline as possible if synergy is found.

Project managers that app development companies have also ensure that timelines are closely monitored, and if there are any deviances, these managers can jump in to get the process up to speed and inform the client of any changes where needed.

Establishing a timeline for mobile app development is crucial to get the best performance out of your mobile app and ensuring a successful application launch.

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