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Know what you

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say goodbye to budgeting

with Cashews

  • Fintech

  • Flutter

  • USA



Follow your instincts

with the world’s leading professional level

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  • Fitness

  • Flutter

  • Israel



HollerTaxi app - case3

Catch your ride

by local taxi firms

with HollerTaxi

  • Drive

  • Flutter

  • UK


  • Fintech

    Simplify the way in which your customers make use of financial services. Fintech services provide  faster and more efficient ways for consumers to access and utilize finance related services.

    • Simplifies online banking services.
    • Boosts convenient investment trading (i.e., Forex, CryptoCurrency, etc.).
    • Simplifies insurance tasks (i.e., claims, rewards, etc.).
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    fintech app development
  • E-Commerce

    Make online shopping a hassle-free solution for your clients. E-commerce services include all types of online shopping via desktop and mobile apps and can range from buying shoes to buying food through the clients’ preferred online platform.

    • Simplifies business-to-business online transactions.
    • Provides an efficient platform for customers to satisfy their demands.
    • Boosts brand awareness with custom online apps.
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    E-Commerce app development
  • Healthcare

    Enhance the way in which healthcare services are provided to your clients. Healthcare is one of the most important services in the world, and with the right app, your enterprise can satisfy the needs of your customers.

    • Simplifies sale of healthcare products through online apps.
    • Makes healthcare bookings such as Doctor appointments more convenient.
    • Provides accelerated and simplified medical advice.
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    Healthcare app development
  • Fitness

    Make fitness easy to implement and maintain by your clients through exercises and tips provided by fitness apps.

    • Simplifies access to exercise guides and demonstrations. 
    • Virtual fitness assistance. 
    • Fitness tracking.
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    Fitness app development
  • Food Delivery

    Online food delivery has become increasingly popular in this era. Develop a platform to simplify food delivery to customers.

    • Increases convenience when it comes to the delivery of food.
    • Access to a wide range of food options with a click of a button.
    • Saves time through online food ordering options.
    Food Delivery app development
  • Real Estate

    Make your customer’s real estate purchasing and renting experience as simplified and convenient as possible through online solutions. 

    • Increases communication between agents and customers.
    • Provides a wide range of real estate options for clients to choose from.
    • Makes the house hunting process faster and more convenient.
    Real Estate app development
  • Travel

    Help your customers get the best travel experience through online travel services.

    • Provides a wide range of traveling options for customers to choose from.
    • Convenient accommodation and transport bookings.
    • App users have constant online access to traveling options and bookings.
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    Travel app development
  • Sports

    Provide your customers with the sporting experiences that they desire. 

    • Simplifies on-demand sport watching through online apps.
    • Eases access to sport updates and news.
    • Simplified platform to view sport highlights.
    sports app development
  • Social Networking

    Make social interactions hassle-free and benefit-rich solutions for your customers.

    • Simplified communication without geographical restrictions.
    • Convenient collaboration for business opportunities.
    • Promotes employment opportunities and efficiently matches jobs with skilled workers.
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    Social Networking app development
  • Business

    Simplify your business operations through online applications developed to promote more efficient businesses.

    • Enhances the monitoring of daily operational tasks through apps.
    • Promotes simplified communication between consumers and organizations.
    • Provides comprehensive brand awareness opportunities for startups.
    business app development
  • Education

    Make education an easy and convenient accomplishment for your students.

    • Simplifies and promotes virtual studying.
    • Provides global access to education and training platforms.
    • Creates enhanced inclusivity when it comes to online learning.
    Education app development
  • Entertainment

    Provide your customers with unlimited on-demand entertainment options.

    • Global access to entertainment activities.
    • Conveniently livestream music and videos. 
    • On-demand movies and television programs.
    Entertainment app development
  • Custom

    Make your apps customized towards your products, services, and brand.

    • Tailored internal operational solutions.
    • Modified data storage platform. 
    • User-friendly applications developed for specific industries and operational requirements.
    Custom app development
  • On-demand

    Provide your clients with expedited product and service delivery through on-demand applications.

    • Simplified transport solutions at the touch of a button.
    • Makes location tracking instant and convenient.
    • Creates prompt awareness on existing and upcoming events to boost attendance.
    On-demand app development

What do we do

HotShots Labs is a mobile full-cycle flutter development agency delivering cutting-edge solutions on time & on budget.

We call ourselves a boutique agency because we are a small group of talented individuals who all work together toward the same goal – to provide personalized and customized high-quality services.

We’d prefer fewer but better clients with long-term partnerships – more attention to detail and better results.

Strategy & Product <br />

Strategy & Product

UI/UX <br />


Cross-Platform Mobile <br />

Cross-Platform Mobile

Our team

HotShots Labs specializes in software design and engineering, offering complete services to deliver delightful software solutions.
Flutter Developer
Flutter Developer
Project Manager

How we work

There are 4 essential stages to bring your product from idea to launch.
Depending on your requests, you either start at step 1 and go with us through all of steps, or we can help you with your particular needs.

Your idea

Your idea

At this stage we discuss your vision and your expectations regarding desired outcome of our partnership. After that we analyze all materials and prepare for you offer.

UI/UX wireframing

UI/UX wireframing

This is where you will see for the first time how your words turned into something real. You will closely cooperate with our hotshots-designers to make sure that the app will look exactly as you expect.

Product Development

Product Development

Our team of top-level specialists use an agile environment to make your product vision a reality. We constantly provide you updates to keep up the transparent development process.

Publication and Promotion

Publication and Promotion

Now, as you have the app completed, the last thing that's left is publication. We provide full support, so that your potential users will be able to see the product in action. Moreover, if you want to gain as much attention as possible you can use our ASO services as well.


Is Flutter a Good Solution From a Business Perspective?

Yes, Flutter provides numerous benefits which can boost your business’s performance. Flutter is becoming increasingly popular for use by businesses’ and from a business perspective you do not want to fall behind the use of the newest performance technology.

Flutter app development software simplifies app development and promotes the implementation of applications on various platforms, which can assist with the business’s market exposure.

Is Flutter good for large projects?

Yes, Flutter is perfect for large projects because of its dynamic design and diverse capabilities. Flutter widgets can be customized instead of creating widgets from scratch which helps to save time during large projects.

The Flutter app development software provides efficient testing capabilities and features which also provides for the simplified launch of large app development projects.

Is Flutter good for MVP development?

Yes, Flutter enhances MVP development through simplified app development which assists with developing mobile apps and other apps at a faster pace.

This means that by using the Flutter SDK for your multi-platform applications, your development project can progress from design to launch with a quick turnaround time which is ideal for MVP development.

What programming language is Flutter based on?

The programming language that Flutter is based on, consists of a framework built with Dart combined with a rendering engine built in C++ which assists with the integration and simplification of app development.

Flutter provides guides and step-by-step processes to help you easily understand the app development software even if you have experience in a different programming language or SDK.

What are the benefits of flutter app development?

Flutter app development consists of numerous benefits, some of these are:

  • Flutter promotes the use and implementation of widgets used to enhance user interaction through flutter app development
  • Flutter app development assists developers to create cross-platform applications with the use of source code, programming language and widgets readily available from the flutter app.
  • Flutter app development can be used in the creation of multiple applications such as gaming, commerce, and a wide range of other mobile and desktop apps.
  • Flutter can be used for app development across various platforms of operating systems because it provides for different codebases.
  • The ease of cross-platform app development through Flutter contributes to enhanced performance by applications.
  • App developers only need to build an app once and with Flutter it can be deployed with both IOS and Android, which saves time and costs.
  • Flutter app development services and the Flutter team are readily available for your perusal.

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is used to build cross-platform applications compatible with various operating software. Flutter app development is designed by Google to enhance user interface through mobile and desktop apps.

The flutter framework is specially designed to promote the creation and use of multi-platform applications through the Flutter SDK.

Flutter app development can be used for IOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux applications. The Flutter app development company and the flutter team assists to enhance app development globally.

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