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How to Find an App Developer in 2023



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Mobile application development has rapidly taken over the developing world because the vast majority of people are adopting the latest mobile technology. With native and cross-platform mobile application development platforms, creating a custom app with highly complex functionality is feasible. Thus, we are seeing an increase in the use of mobile application development languages and frameworks such as iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, and so on. 

Different businesses and organizations are digitizing their work by thoroughly automating their workflow with app development. However, most of them find it really difficult to find the right agency, team, or freelancer because of a lack of knowledge, expertise, and checklist. Hiring the best team or individual requires an extensive amount of work understanding, IT management, and different skill sets encapsulating the scope of the project. As each business offers different requirements, hiring the appropriate person having extensive experience in the particular domain is essential. 

If you are finding it difficult to hire the best resources related to app development, read on as below are the key details mentioned related to app development requirements, things to consider while finding suitable resources, and the need for app development in the industry.

App Development

App Development is a thorough and detailed software development practice that takes a lot of effort, resources, and mindfulness. An app to be developed either solves a particular problem or is intended for entertainment purposes. Thus, it is intended to be used by a large number of people. The app development process starts with the breakdown of requirements according to the business needs and scope adjustment. With the continuous collaboration between the business, development team, designers, and project managers, the final product comes into being that eases down the manual work and automates the business process to achieve maximum efficiency. 

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The need to find an App Developer

To be able to find the right mobile app developer to solve your business needs requires a lot of research and business process understanding. However, an app developer can automate your business, save manual labor costs, and provide an efficient solution to your business features. This new age of technology demands attention to moving towards the digital world, therefore for a business working in the non-IT sector, getting in touch with an agency, creating an IT department within its business, or hiring individuals is necessary. 

Several elements such as record keeping, finding out the details of all employees, and performing decisions based on data can be easily done if a business is shifted towards the online world. By creating an online presence in the form of apps and websites, a business is available globally. Thus, its target market increases dramatically with the overall increase in revenue and business reputation. 

Things to know before finding an App Developer

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Finding the right mobile app developer to achieve business goals is not a straightforward task. There are plenty of problems that need to be addressed prior to hiring a freelancer or agency or outsourcing the project work. If an app is developed before all the requirements are clear, it is evident that the project may fail in the later stages. As the requirements are not locked and the targets are not set, the final outcome will be different than that of expectation. Therefore, plenty of things such as understanding of target audience, market needs, problem identification, the solution to the problem, project scope, and task planning, the total cost of the project, and target deadlines should be identified first. The complete details for each one of these are given below. 

Problem Identification

It is essential for the app to be developed to solve a particular problem or help people in any given way. Otherwise, the app serves no purpose. A business that is looking to find a developer needs to first analyze the problem they are facing and then they can create a layout of how they want the process to be. 

There are many cases where people often have an idea however, it fails immediately when the app comes into the market. It is because there are plenty of other apps that serve the problem in a better way and the development app is just not up to the market according to people’s needs and market standards. 

To identify the problem that the app will solve, a business should conduct thorough research. It can be expected that many other businesses may have faced similar problems in the past. Therefore, there may already exist an app with similar functionality a business is looking for. Finding similar apps in the market can even eliminate the need to develop the app. A business can identify it by researching it in the same market domain and getting in touch with related businesses. Finally, after researching and breaking down the requirement steps, a business can move on to validate the problem. 

Problem Validation

If a business is looking to develop an app for a greater audience and not just to serve its own organizational needs, it needs to do a lot of surveys and questionnaires fulfillment to get the outer perspective of the app idea. With this, a business can find out the severity of the problem and the need for the app in the market. 

Before reaching out to the audience, all a business can do is assumption. To solidify an app idea based on the problem identification, validation regarding the use case that the app will serve needs to be made sure. Thus, help from people working in the same domain can be availed and their input can be utilized to lock the idea based on the designated problem. 

Mobile App Scope

A business, organization, or startup wanting to find an app developer can list out tons of features they want. However, not all features follow the same precedence and offer the same benefits. Thus, there is an intense need to break down the app features based on priorities. A business can separate out the list of features based on the estimated revenue, time factors, and resources. Thus, an MVP can be developed first, launched in the market, and further enhancement and the latest features can be added with time. 

An app to be developed should not be built right away. The most important features should be kept in the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) list and all the other features or changes should be made in the later stages. For this, the business or organization can get in touch with the project managers in the mobile app industry. They can break down your requirements into technical tasks and can create a clean matrix to set the timeline, cost, and resources for the project.

Tracking Tools for the Project

Before hiring the app developer to start the app development, the business along with the technical project management team can create a checklist for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to keep track of the revenue, targets, deadlines, bugs, growth, and other performance indicators. In this way, not only everything can be tracked during development but also helps a business get to know the progress and technical details of the project to make further decisions. 

A business can get in touch with a data analyst to generate project reports, measure growth, and perform analytics based on project performance. Thus, several indicators can be calculated to help a business make key decisions in the later stages of the app development process.

How to find an App Developer?

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There are plenty of ways to find mobile app development agencies and individual developers to create apps. Depending upon the complexity of the project, cost, and timeline of the project, a business can approach a mobile development agency or get in touch with solopreneurs. The most popular options to find the best app developers are given below.

Hiring a Freelance Developer

For businesses looking to develop an app that has fewer features and is intended for a small audience, hiring a freelance mobile app developer can be a great option. Freelance mobile app developers can be selected based on the mobile app framework decided once the app budget is finalized. With freelance developers, there is no need to get an office space or equipment cost thus there are no external costs associated. 

For a business to select the right freelance developers, there can be different marketplaces. A business can post the app requirements on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiver,, etc. and once the application has been submitted, different developers can be interviewed to find the best ones. Before finalizing the developer in the interview, the business or client must look for their skill set, past experience with similar projects, and work ethic. This can be checked by reading the reviewing of previous jobs and orders. Also, it is essential to finalize the cost and timelines with the freelancer before handing over the work to manage expectations.

Pros and Cons of hiring a Freelance Mobile App Developer

Hiring a freelance developer has its perks and disadvantages. It is really easy to get in touch with a freelance mobile app developer as there are plenty of online platforms to bridge the gap between the market and the team. However, it can be difficult to choose the best one that suits your requirements. 

Freelance mobile application development is really cheap compared to in-house development or outsourcing the project to an agency. This is because of the number of freelancers available on the platforms. However, it should be noted that not all freelancers can provide the products or services they are guaranteeing. 

Freelance mobile app developers can be hired for smaller projects as there is no need to do extensive documentation or scope defining. A freelancer can be contacted and given a brief before starting the MVP work without any need to do extensive research and development. Thus, smaller apps with freelance developers can be developed rapidly as compared to other conventional development models. 

In-house Team or Remote Development 

An In-house development team refers to hiring an entire team or individual to the worker in the office. In this way, a business can create an entire development process within the premise of the office. Similar to this, remote development also refers to hiring the team but it does not require an office premise for developers to work in.

Getting an in-house or remote software development team means taking the entire project under your control. A business can be directly involved in the development process and can handle all the technical details with its team. Utilizing the benefits of an in-house development team is beneficial for businesses looking to develop a highly complex mobile app with a lot of revenue and future prospects.

Pros and Cons of In-house Team and Remote Development

In-house development follows a structural and organized way of development by utilizing software engineering principles. Even in startups and small organizations, the in-house software development team consists of project managers, designers, UI/UX experts, and senior and junior mobile app developers. Thus, highly complex projects with a detailed scope can be handled without any major issues. 

In-house software development requires office space and staff to manage the resources, people, taxes, and other elements. Thus, in-house software development comes with extra challenges. However, these challenges also pay extra in a way that the app developed by the team can be highly detailed, and customizable, and the team will not face any communication issues in contrast to the issues faced with working remotely or hiring an external freelancer to work. 

Outsourcing the App Development to Mobile Agency

There are plenty of agencies that are taking app development projects from clients and doing all the work by themselves. Although they do take input from the business regarding the key decision-making, they are able to handle all the technical work and in the end, the app is ready to be delivered. These kinds of app development agencies can be contacted to outsource software development projects. In contrast to providing services like an individual freelancer, an agency is much easier to communicate with, much more professional in terms of project deadlines and delivery, and can contain people of different skill sets. 

Outsourcing companies increase the quality of the app because the app is developed by highly skilled professionals. With an in-house team, there will be training time costs along with trial and error but with outsourcing companies, all of these delayed characteristics are eliminated. 

Along with the above details, outsourcing companies are much cheaper if you look for agencies in developing countries. In contrast to the cost of app development in developed countries, developing countries’ prices differ by almost half the margin. Thus, it can save the business a lot of costs. 

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing to Mobile App Agency

Outsourcing to mobile app development agencies comes with its sets of pros and cons. For a business looking to develop a mobile app, working with an agency can be really cheap and fast-paced. Agencies can also maintain the quality of code and configuration because of the highly skilled developers working under the umbrella. 

Agencies can lack attention to detail if the work to be done changes requirements in the later stages of the development. With in-house development, there is room to make changes at any changes. Although these kinds of changes may be costly in terms of time and resources, they can be managed. But a mobile app can become very costly if the changes are requested by an agency.  

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Where to find the best App Development Resources?

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App development resource hunting can be really cumbersome, especially for organizations working in non-IT sectors. It is possible for businesses to hire technical recruiters to manage this kind of work. However, outsourcing a complete project to an agency or managing a big in-house team is highly complex and challenging. There are plenty of online platforms to provide the best development agencies and individuals to businesses to fulfill their app development needs but it takes much more than that. Following are some of the ways to find the best development talent. 


There can be plenty of ways to find an app developer however, the most common one is by using references. By getting in touch with the related people working in the development industry, plenty of beneficial advice can be obtained. References of developers given by mutual colleagues or friends can not only be trusted with their skills but also can be healthy for maintaining good relationships. This kind of method can only work if a business has great connections with the people working in the IT industry willing to provide references for the benefit of others. 

Contracting Technical Recruiters

Technical recruiters act as the backbone of human resources in IT companies in a way that they are able to filter out people based on their development experience. A highly skilled technical recruiter does not only grasp the technical knowledge and workflow understanding of the developers but can also act as a bridge between the developers or agencies and businesses. 

Contacting Agencies, full-time and part-time employees, and Freelancers on Online Marketplace

In this age of remote working, contracting freelancers and agencies by utilizing online marketplaces like Upwork, Linkedin, Glassdoor, Fiver, etc. have proved to be really beneficial for businesses. With this method, individuals or agencies with specialized talent in mobile app development can be targeted, contacted, and hired. This kind of hiring method is very smooth as all the details starting from the test to the questions and answer session can be conducted online. Several filters can be applied such as years of experience, technologies, tools, CGPA, etc. to find the best talent and online interviews can also be conducted on these platforms to save time and effort.

One essential thing to note before going on the online platforms is the kind of niche and type of work offered. Some platforms that are beneficial for full-time employment include Linkedin, Glassdoor, Indeed, Dice, etc. On the contrary, to hire freelancers or agencies, platforms like Upwork, Toptal, and Fiverr can be checked. Different agencies and individuals also have their personalized websites for contacting so you can read different blogs and affiliate content to find those. 

Important things to look for in an App Developer

Many organizations have their processes to filter out the talent that will suit their business process. To develop a mobile app, the testing process is different compared to other types of developers. Similarly, the number of years of experience, technologies used, coding standard follows, and team working is really important, especially for In-house development teams. Thus, some of the things to look for in in-app developers for your projects include the following. 

Type of App

It is essential to know the type of app developed by the agencies or individual freelancers. Many freelancers and agencies follow a particular niche in app development so if it matches your business niche, it can be an ideal case. Hiring people that have a similar experience to the business or project you are working on not only eliminates the time to discuss complex details but also saves time in RnD during development. 

With the individual or agency in question, find out the types of features they have worked on in the past and ask for demos or samples. Also, a small sample test can be shared to find out if the individual or company can work on the specific areas you want.

Development Experience

It is vital to know the amount of experience an agency or individual developer has in the technical industry. Fresh developers are expected to provide a buggy app therefore, people with experience should be preferred for mid and large-scale projects. 

Tools and Technologies Used

Detailed knowledge of tools and technologies used by developers should be identified while finding an app developer. In the whole development experience, programming languages, frameworks, configuration tools, cloud platforms, and other things can be identified to choose the best candidate. 

For mobile app development, it is essential to get knowledge of native programming languages or cross-platform frameworks. The agency or freelance developers can also suggest the best framework to choose for the app by thoroughly analyzing the requirements of the project. 

Communication Skills

Communication skills play an essential role in every aspect of life. The same rule applies in development. The agency, its project managers, designers, and developers should be vocal enough to list out all the details of the app for the business to understand and work properly. Also, the project details should be communicated by mentioning the task details, adding comments in code, creating a release plan for the sprints, and giving the project update. 

Work Ethic 

Finding the reputation of the freelancer or agencies in the market can help in taking key decisions for the business. A business having no knowledge regarding an agency can be disadvantageous. There can be cases where an agency may have failed a past project, delivered the project late, or may have lacked enough resources or talent to complete the desired work. Also, there can be an availability of agencies working at a cheaper rate on similar projects so finding out about the work ethic of the individuals or agencies, and keeping in touch with the competitors is necessary for successful project completion.

No matter where a business is located, it can be difficult to find the best technical talent. However, a business can document the details of the app it is looking to develop and follow the above-mentioned points to eliminate the chances of problems. Also, by keeping in touch and communicating constantly regarding the app updates, the development process can be smoothened. 

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